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The Lost Abbey

San Marcos

The Lost Abbey has won the following award: 2013 Champion Brewery.

Winning beers from The Lost Abbey

Beer Year Style Awards
Serpent’s Stout 2017 Imperial Stout Silver
Carnevale 2017 French & Belgian Style Ale Bronze
Veritas 018 2017 Brett and Other Sour Beer Silver
Serpent’s Stout 2016 Imperial Stout Silver
Veritas 015 2015 Other Sour Beer Gold
Inferno 2015 Belgian-Style Pale Strong Ale Gold
Lost Abbey Cuvee de Tomme 2007 Fruit Beer Gold
Lost Abbey Red Barn Ale 2007 Spice/Herb/Vegatable Beer Silver
Lost Abbey The Angels Share 2007 Smoke Flavored & Wood-aged Beer Bronze
Saint’s Devotion 2013 Hybrid Belgian-Style Ale Silver
Serpent’s Stout 2013 Imperial Stout Silver
Track #9 2013 Other Sour Beer Silver
Inferno 2013 Belgian-Style Pale Strong Ale Bronze
Framboise de Amarosa 2013 Other Sour Beer Bronze
Track # 10 2013 Unique Ingredient Beer Bronze
Serpent’s Stout 2012 Imperial Stout Silver
Lost And Found 2012 Belgian-Style Dark Ale Bronze
Deliverance 2012 Wood and Barrel Aged Strong Beer Bronze
Red Poppy 2011 Sour Ale Gold
Veritas 008 2011 Specialty Beer Gold
Inferno 2011 Belgian-Style Pale Strong Ale Bronze
Amazing Grace 2011 Sour Ale Bronze
Duck Duck Gooze 2010 Sour Ale Silver
Red Poppy 2010 Sour Ale Bronze
Carnevale Ale 2009 Belgian & French Ale Bronze
Red Poppy 2009 Sour Ale Bronze
Churchill’s Finest Hour 2012 2012 Wood and Barrel Aged Strong Beer Gold
Hot Rocks Lager 2012 Specialty Beer Silver
Shark Attack 2012 Imperial Red Ale Bronze
Midnight Expression 2012 Specialty Stout Bronze
Shark Attack 2011 Imperial Red Ale Gold
Hot Rocks Lager 2011 American-Style Brown Ale Silver
Midnight Sessions 2009 Stout Gold
Lost Abbey Serpent Stout 2008 Stout Gold
Lost Abbey Gift of the Magi 2008 Belgian & French Ale Silver
Lost Abbey Cable Car 2008 Sour Ale Silver
Veritas 003 2008 Specialty Beer Silver
Lost Abbey Red Poppy 2008 Sour Ale Bronze
Lost Abbey Judgement Day 2007 Belgian Strong Ale Gold
Carnevale 2012 French & Belgian Style Ale Best of Show, Gold


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