San Diego International Beer Festival

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Good Beer. Good Times.

Winning beers from The Bruery

Beer Year Style Awards
Mischief® 2017 Hybrid Belgian-Style Ale Gold
Mischief 2015 Hybrid Belgian-Style Ale Gold
Mash 2015 Wood and Barrel Aged Beer Bronze
Rueuze 2014 Belgian-Style Sour Ale Gold
Oude Tart 2014 Belgian-Style Sour Ale Silver
Saison Tonnellerie 2013 French & Belgian Style Ale Gold
Oude Tart 2013 Belgian-Style Sour Ale Silver
White Chocolate 2013 Unique Ingredient Beer Silver
Hottenroth Berliner Weisse 2013 German-Style Weiss Bronze
Oude Tart 2012 Belgian-Style Sour Ale Bronze
Saison De Lente 2011 French & Belgian Style Ale Bronze
Oude Tart 2010 Sour Ale Gold
Humulus Lager 2010 Specialty Beer Bronze


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