San Diego International Beer Festival

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Five Sessions. Hundreds of Beers. One Glass.

Winning beers from San Diego Brewing Company

Beer Year Style Awards
Welter Wit 2017 Belgian-Style Wit or White Ale Silver
Pale in Drop D 2016 Bitter Bronze
San Diego IPA 2016 American-Style India Pale Ale Gold
San Diego Gold 2016 Pilsner Silver
San Diego Amber 2014 American-Style Amber/Red Ale Silver
Grantville Gold 2014 German-Style Ale Silver
Lakshmi Imperial Red 2013 Imperial Red Ale Bronze
80 Schilling 2013 Scottish-Style Ale Bronze
San Diego Amber 2010 Amber Hybrid Beer Gold
Hopnotic 2010 Double IPA Silver
Callahan’s Red 2009 American Amber and Brown Ale Bronze
Callahan’s Blueberry Wheat 2009 Fruit Beer Bronze
Old Town Brown 2007 English Brown Ale Bronze
Aztec Gold 2007 Light Hybrid Beer Bronze
ChocolaLatte Porter 2007 Spice/Herb/Vegatable Beer Bronze


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