San Diego International Beer Festival

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Five Sessions. Hundreds of Beers. One Glass.

Winning beers from Rock Bottom Brewery

Beer Year Style Awards
Longboard Brown 2014 English-Style Brown Ale Gold
Catcher In The Rye 2014 Rye Beer Gold
Ragtop Red Ale 2014 Irish-Style Red Ale Bronze
Longboard Brown 2013 English-Style Brown Ale Silver
Rock Bottom La Jolla Red Ale 2013 Bitter Bronze
Rock Bottom Kolsch 2013 German-Style Ale Gold
Rock Bottom Red Ale 2013 Bitter Silver
Rock Bottom Brown Ale 2013 English-Style Brown Ale Bronze
Rock Bottom White Ale 2012 Belgian-Style Wit or White Ale Gold
Moonlight Porter 2012 Porter Gold
Rock Bottom Brown Ale 2011 English-Style Brown Ale Silver
Moonlight Porter 2011 Porter Silver
Cerveza de Mayo Vienna Lager 2010 European Amber Lager Gold
Longboard Brown 2008 English Brown Ale Bronze
Old Curmudgeon Imperial Porter 2009 Smoke Flavored & Wood-aged Beer Silver
Longboard Brown 2009 English Brown Ale Bronze
North Star IPA 2009 India Pale Ale Bronze
Ragtop Red 2009 Scottish & Irish Ale Honorable Mention


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