San Diego International Beer Festival

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Five Sessions. Hundreds of Beers. One Glass.

Winning beers from Coronado Brewing Company

Beer Year Style Awards
Seacoast Pilsner 2017 American-Style Lager Bronze
Coastwise 2017 Session Beer Silver
Barrel Aged Stupid Stout 2015 Wood and Barrel Aged Beer Silver
Jurata 2014 Porter Gold
Rauch-Sham-bo 2014 Smoked Beer Bronze
Skipper’s Best Bitter 2009 English Pale Ale Honorable Mention
Idiot IPA 2008 Double IPA Gold
Orange Ave Ale 2008 Spice/Herb/Vegatable Beer Silver
Vienna 2007 European Amber Lager Bronze
El Borracho Brown 2013 American-Style Brown Ale Silver
Idiot IPA 2013 Imperial India Pale Ale Silver
Black Sails IPA 2013 American-Style India Black Ale Bronze
Nutter Brown 2012 American-Style Brown Ale Silver
Islander IPA 2010 India Pale Ale Silver
Whiskey Dick 2010 Smoke Flavored & Wood-aged Beer Silver
Picadilly Porter 2009 Porter Gold
Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout 2009 Smoke Flavored & Wood-aged Beer Gold


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