San Diego International Beer Festival

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Good Beer. Good Times.

Winning beers from Beachwood Blendery

Beer Year Style Awards
Careful With That Peach, Eugene 2017 Belgian-Style Sour Ale Gold
Dia De Los Mangos 2017 Chocolate and Chili Beer Gold
Hop Ninja 2016 Imperial India Pale Ale Gold
Foam Top 2016 Golden or Blonde Beer Bronze
Wholly Smoke 2016 Smoked Beer Silver
Mocha Machine 2016 Coffee Beer Bronze
Foam Top 2015 Golden or Blonde Beer Silver
Hop Vader 2015 American-Style India Black Ale Silver
Citraholic 2014 American-Style India Pale Ale Silver
Udder Love 2014 Specialty Stout Gold
Hop Vader 2013 American-Style India Black Ale Gold
Barrel Aged Full Malted Jacket 2013 Wood and Barrel Aged Strong Beer Silver
Citraholic 2012 American-Style Inda Pale Ale Silver
Annihilator 2012 Barley Wine Silver
Kilgore Stout 2012 Bold Stout Silver
Tart Simpson 2012 German-Style Weiss Silver
Foam Top Cream Ale 2012 Golden or Blonde Beer Silver
Knucklehead Red 2012 American-Style Amber/Red Ale Bronze
James 2012 American-Style Brown Ale Bronze


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